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Head Coach and former professional player and SMU all-star Wille Davis takes it strong to the hoop.

Coach Davis' love of the game and desire to share his knowledge brings him to Eclipse Youth Sports.


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-180 Shooter
-Swish Shooting Method

(Last Update Feb. 15, 2015)

Welcome to Eclipse Youth Basketball

Our mission is to help young players reach their full potential though positive coaching and focused training sessions. With the tremendous competition in the Dallas area, getting an early start and learning fundamentals at a young age is the only way to ensure success for players aspiring to make their school teams.

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Fall 2015 Primetime 9th Grade Tournament Runner-up


Eclipse Programs - (see details)

Basketball 101 - Building Skills

Our Basketball 101 series is designed to develop players as high as their desire will take them. Starting from the fundamentals and working up through the most advanced skills, this series allows players to achieve their maximum potential. The class setting allows them to work with and against similarly skilled players and provides ample friendly competition for simulating real game situations.

Our emphasis is long term skill development where success is not measured in weeks or months but in the lifetime of the player. Building skills builds confidence, which in turn increases the enjoyment of the game thereby increasing the desire to continue training. This positive feedback cycle is the key to success and the key to our philosophy.

Beginning Basketball Program – Setting the Foundation

The beginner program focuses on basic athletic movements combined with basketball skills designed to increase the overall athleticism of young players. We use many different games to teach different movements and build coordination in a fun and engaging way. These classes are perfect for kids to build a great foundation for all sports and to get a fun introduction to the great game of basketball.

Eclipse College/Pro Level Training

We offer training and conditioning for high-level college and professional players as well. Please contact us for more information.

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What we're about

Check our practice schedule and come see for yourself the difference great coaching can make.

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